Today’s question is  # 3 from the book, and reads; What is your favorite thing about homeschooling?

Here’s my answer


Freedom. It’s just one word but it means so much! Homeschooling gives us freedom in so many ways, from the small things like taking a day off when we need one, to the big things like being able to design an education that is based on each child’s needs, gifts, and purpose. Homeschooling allows us the freedom to live life the way it suits us, and to make education conform to our lifestyle instead of the other way around. It gives us the freedom to follow God’s plan for our family as well as for each individual. Homeschooling gives my children the freedom to play, learn, and grow, in the way that fits who they are. It also gives them the freedom to be who they are, without the strangling affects of “one size its all” education,  “group think” among peers from non like-minded families, and school schedules that are not designed with the child’s best interest in mind.

Homeschooling gives my family the freedom to be who we’re called to be, build lasting and joyful relationships with one another, and to enjoy the journey.


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