How You Can Be A Blessing To A Tired Mom

This post is part of a blog series on a topic that is weighing heavy on my heart. As I look around I’m seeing busy people all around me, and fewer meaningful, mutually edifying relationships. I’ve personally been hurt by our culture’s lack of community, and I know... read more

Lord, I’m Just So Tired!

*This is an update post for the “12 Months to a Healthier You” Challenge.To read more about this challenge, why I’m doing it and how you can participate, click here. *** Morning. That time of day when His mercies are new, and we thank Him for another clean slate,... read more

Finding Beauty In This Darkness

Around this time last year I made a commitment to learn all I can about fighting depression. It’s not a glamorous subject and not one I would have chosen. (I still find myself asking God “Are you sure?”) But this is the road I’m on. I have to do what I can to learn to... read more

When You Need Community

A guest post from my friend Nancy Backues. Please be sure and read about her below and connect with her on her website. Thanks Nancy! I know people will be blessed by this message!     I held a feverish, crying infant in one arm and the phone in the other.... read more

It’s So Good To See You Smile

  Have you ever taken notice of the first time your child smiles, after many days of sickness or sorrow? If you’re a mom (or a dad) you know how painful it is to see your children hurting. Whether they are sick, were treated badly by a friend, or have experienced... read more

Does God Really Love Me?

Does God actually like me? I mean does he enjoy my presence? Does He smile when He thinks of me or watches me go through my day? Does He love me with an affectionate love? Maybe it’s an obligatory love, one that forgives because of the nature of who He is but not a... read more

Insist on Solitude

When was the last time you spent a good chunk of quality time… with yourself?

I can hear some of you saying “Ha ha, wouldn’t that be nice! I’d love a few minutes to myself, but it just isn’t going to happen. At least not until my youngest child is 18!”

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Freedom Requires Action

I want you to win this battle. I want you to turn around and help the person climbing the mountain behind you to win their battle. If you want that too then you must choose to take up your weapons, put on your armor, show up at the battle, and do the hard stuff. …

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Don’t Panic; This is Not Your New Normal

The world stops turning and your thoughts start spinning. All of your memories from past depressions flash before you, but so clearly that you recognize that these are memories of things you’ve overcome. It’s more vague than that. You’re just transported back to that very place where there is only darkness, and because it’s so dark, you believe that you are there to stay.

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What is Depression?

Depression is complicated. There is no way we can really answer the question “What is depression?” in one article. I’ll share much more as we go along on the quest for weapons against this dark and debilitating illness

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It’s Time to Fight!

I’ve always been a little bit on the sassy side, willing to say what I think, fight for what I want, and stand up for what I believe. Hopefully I’ve matured a little and have learned to apply that trait more appropriately.

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