Have you ever written or created something that was really just for you, and you were a little bit nervous to share it with anyone? You thought maybe it was special to you but others might not get it or worse, they’d think you’re a little … weird?

That’s how I felt about what I’m about to share with you. It’s just a prayer. I didn’t set out to create a printable, or to share this prayer. But when I wrote out my prayer, I wondered, is there another blogger out there praying this same prayer? Or who might relate to it but hasn’t articulated it yet?

So, I somewhat nervously showed it to my husband (who is extremely supportive and I had no reason to be nervous but I was). He said it was really good, (He actually used a more sophisticated description but I can’t remember it.) and that I should share it.

So, here it is. It’s from the heart of a blogger but I’m sure it can be applicable no matter what you do. We all feel like we have so little to offer at times. But we know it’s ¬†God who gives the increase.

You can click on it to print it if you like.