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“It’s going to be a hectic evening, I better start dinner now…” “I need to make something that travels well…” “I’m feeding a lot of people…” “I haven’t been to the grocery store in weeks!” Sometimes you can’t rely on your “go-to” list of meals. You need a meal that fits a particular situation, like the ones mentioned above and more. Emergency Meals is not just a cookbook or another collection of recipes. You’ll find at least twenty different step-yb-step meal plans for each of six different dinnertime emergencies.

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How many times have you found yourself in a situation like this…

  • A friend spent the whole day in the hospital with her sick child… you’d love to bring her a meal but your cupboards are bare.
  • You planned on a great meal but time got away from you and… now you don’t have enough time for that meal.
  • You haven’t been to the store for a while… but the family still wants dinner!

You wound up with a meal time emergency, didn’t you?

I certainly have, and that’s why I wrote this book. I was frustrated with having to eat out because my meal plan (or lack thereof) didn’t come through for me. So I made a list of the circumstances I was finding myself in, and meals that would work in each. Now I have a plan, and I can prepare for those emergencies.

I wanted to share this tool  with you, so I took the lists, added in full-meal directions (for 50 different meals), and turned it all into an e-book. Now you too can prepare for–and therefore avoid– those same meal time emergencies!


What emergencies do I address in this book? 

I’m so glad you asked. Here’s a list:

The Cupboards are Bare! Meals you can make using items in your freezer and pantry.

My Dinner Hour is Going to be Hectic! Meals You Can Start Ahead so Meal-time Prep is Quick.

I’m Serving a Big Crowd! Meals That Serve a lot of People Without an Increased Effort.

I Don’t Have Much Time! Meals that you can make in 20 minutes.

I Can’t Cook For a While! Meals you can make ahead and freeze.

I Need to Take it With Me (or Deliver it)! Meals and sides that travel well.


What kind of meals will you find on the list? 

The meals you’ll find in this resource are generally healthy (while not following any particular eating plan like Paleo, vegetarian, etc.), family friendly, and budget friendly.

Can you give me some example?  

Sure! Here is an example of a meal from each section:

  • Sweet & Sour Chicken, Rice, Peas, from The Cupboards are Bare!
  • Pepper Steak, Baked Potatoes from My Dinner Hour is Going to be Hectic!
  • Super Nachos from I’m Serving a Big Crowd!
  • Kielbasa & Potatoes, Applesauce from I don’t have much time!
  • Poppyseed Chicken, Green Beans w/Almonds from  Can’t Cook For a While!, and
  • BBQ Beef, White Beans, Slaw from I Need to Take it With Me (or Deliver it)!

May I see a sample meal plan? 

Thought you’d never ask! Here’s a meal plan from I Don’t Have Much Time! (Click to view…)

So, how much is it? 

Ah, very important question.

Let me ask you this. How much would this book be worth if it saved you just one meal out at a restaurant because you used an idea that helped you avoid a meal time emergency?

Or, how much would your peace of mind be worth if you knew you had something in the freezer in case a friend needs a meal?

I can’t put a price on the latter, and I’m not even going to begin to charge you what you’d pay for one meal for a whole family at restaurant! (Not even fast food!)

Nope, I want you to have these whole-meal plans ready for you to use, equipping you to have the confidence you’re looking for.

Now you can download the book for only $7.99!

And when you do I’d love to have you connect with me on Facebook and let me know what you’re going to make first!
See you there!



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