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Here are some hints on what you’ll find inside…

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting pretty tired of swimming upstream; trying to be perfect and trying to do every good thing that is presented to me. I’m also tired of feeling like I don’t measure up. No matter how hard I try, I just can’t do everything there is to do, and be everything I think I should be.

Are you right there with me?


That’s right were God wants us. 

Ready to live by the power of Christ.

Ready to surrender the illusion that we have any power of our own to accomplish anything for him


I long to live that “abundant life” that Jesus alludes to in John 10:10. A life empowered by God to do the work he set out for me to do, and to walk in sweet communion with him. I want to be free from the constant demands to be more and do more. I want to be all that he has called me to be, but I’ll never get there in my own strength.


Maybe you’re in another place, a place where I’ve definitely been. You’re just kind of getting through life, but not really living. It’s not that you’re living a blatantly sinful life. You still go to church and you don’t have any particularly bad habits. You even read your Bible several times per week. You know all the right things to say, and you have all the right activities in place.

But your’e not living an empowered life.  1 Corinthians 4:20 says “God’s way is not a matter of mere talk; it’s an empowered life.”

Like I Said, I Want You To Have This Book

Whether you’re trying too hard — relying on your own strength, or you’ve resigned yourself to the quiet life of a polite girl — you’re missing out on the wonders of a life empowered by God. Why not turn it all over to Him and let Him show you the adventure He has planned for you?

Jesus promises that when we walk with him, in an intimate relationship, the harvest is sure to be abundant. That’s a promise you can count on. Walk with him and he will make your life abundantly fruitful. It’s almost too simple, but now that I think about it, God has never tried to make things complicated, we’ve taken care of that ourselves.

Are you ready to come along on this journey of walking with God, being empowered by him to live a vibrant, victorious life?

It’s free for my subscribers. And that’s just the beginning. I have lots of great stuff planned for my subscribers. (I don’t want to spoil any secrets but if adult coloring pages interest you, you might want to sign up.)

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