It’s January 5th and I think I’m finally ready to start a new year. This year I’ve really wanted to dive in with  a positive  plan of action and make it a productive and joyful year. My plans aren’t all laid out as neatly as I had hoped, but I couldn’t convince the calendar to wait for me to get all my t’s crossed so we’re going forward with just the dotted i’s. It’s an ongoing lesson that perfectionists have to keep revisiting; go with what you’ve got, do the best you can do at the moment, perfect may never come so don’t wait for it. So, here we go, into another new year.

Have you  thought about what you want your year to be like? Do you have dreams that need your attention, or changes that need to be made? Maybe you need to manage time better, get out of debt,  or laugh more. Is there a project that you’d like to tackle or an item you’d like to save money for?

Whatever it is, get a vision of what you want your year to look like. Having goals, dreams, ideas and  projects keeps us from getting.. shall I say, stale. Without something to work toward or look forward to, the days just start  blending together; we eat, we sleep, and before we know it, it’s Christmas again and another year has come and gone.

Don’t let this be just another year. Do something from your list of “maybe someday”. Start something new, finish something old. Get to know yourself and the people in your house. What would make this a great year? How can you make that happen?

Commit this year to God and his plans for you. Be willing to ask him what his plans are and to spend time with him so you can hear his answer. His plans are to prosper you, not to harm you. And they’re probably way bigger and more amazing than anything you could plan for yourself.

This isn’t about creating a whole new you. (And it’s not about creating a whole new husband!) It’s about taking some time to reflect on the things that God has put in your heart and how to follow his lead in making them a reality. I hope you’ll have a year full of adventure, productivity, and joy.

What are your dreams for the new year? Share them with us and we can all get some fresh ideas for a wonderful year.


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