Most of the businesses that I’ve stated and seen other moms start from home are direct sales businesses. There is no shortage of direct sales opportunities, with seemingly a new company coming along every other day.  There are entire websites devoted to helping a person decide which direct-sales business is best and how to succeed with this business model.

With such a wide array of options and so much help, why do so many people quit these businesses after about two months while obviously many others experience high levels of success with these same businesses? Is the fault with the particular company? Well, sometimes, after all, they are not all created equal. But usually not, because in each of them there are successful people. Then it must be that some people are more successful than others.There is some truth to that as well, but it’s not based on luck. It’s based on how well our chosen business matches who we are.

We’re all different, and the direct sales companies, though there are thousands of them, are not very different at all. No matter what you’re trying to sell, no matter how good your training is, no matter how amazing your compensation and hostess plan is, it all comes down to the same business model. And some people were not designed to do well with that model.

You were probably told as a child “You can do anything you want to do if you just try hard enough”. John Maxwell, World-famous authority on leadership says that’s not entirely true. He says that you can do anything that you are gifted to do (Putting Your Dream to the Test). Too many people are trying desperately to succeed at something that they simply were not designed to do. Success comes when you understand yourself well enough to know what your’e good at and enjoy, and you use those things to determine what you do.

The beauty of working online is that there is room for every personality, every productivity style, and every area of interest. There are other advantages as well that make this the best opportunity that I know of. Most of them can be summed up by saying “your work online can be just what you want it to be.”

So, we’ll start at the best place; the beginning, and look for the best way for you to build your own business. I believe that you can build a business that you love.



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