It’s Monday. I don’t know about you, but I’ve got a lot to do! Will I get it all done? Maybe, if I am reasonable when I define what “it all” should include today. (See previous sections of this book if you need help determining what you should be doing). Will I feel like doing all of it? Not likely. So I need other motivators. I shared some last week. Here area a few more things that keep me going when my feelings have quit!


I maintain multiple interests  I get bored easily, so it’s easy for me to drop something and move on to the next thing. I am so thankful that God has put me in a place in life that I can actually use that to my advantage. I wear many hats; child of God, wife, mom, homeschooler, homemaker, friend, entrepreneur, the list goes on. This can get overwhelming if I let it. Instead, what I choose to do is to relish in the diversity of it all. If I’m not “in the mood’ (there it is again!) to focus on one aspect of my life, I can always find something that needs my attention. Today I might want to improve my knowledge of healthy eating, tomorrow I might need to do some work on a business project I’ve got going. It may sound like I make choices based on emotion but notice, all my choices are from among my predetermined priorities. So, as some people say, “its all good”. Having the freedom to change up what I’m doing while still pursuing my God-given passions and priorities helps to not get burned out.

I keep a balance. There are times when one of my many “hats” is needing more of my attention than others. Right now I’ve got some business stuff to take care of in order to meet a very important goal. But I do have to remember that while this current project may need more of my attention than usual, I need to keep it in perspective. I can’t let everything else suffer in order to focus on this one thing. So, I do what I can with an eye on keeping the other things under control.


I keep learning and growing. I enjoy learning new things. It keeps me inspired, hopeful, and interested in life. It gives me new avenues to serve people, something new to reach for. It gives me something to “ruminate on” while I’m doing some of those (let’s just be honest…)  boring chores that just have to be done. I mean really, how much do you have to really think when you’re folding the clothes? Why not ponder the new thing I’m learning, kind of like whistling while you work! It also keeps me from falling prey to self pity and “mommy martyrdom”. Sometimes just being excited about getting to spend some time on my new venture gets me moving faster to get my other jobs done. Kind of like a spoonful of sugar to help the medicine go down. (OK, I’ll stop with the children’s musicals.)

I don’t overlook success. There’s nothing prideful about remembering your accomplishments and tracking your growth. First of all, when you remember your victories it will give you the courage and confidence to keep on going and to try the next thing. More importantly, you need to see the changes that are being made in you by Christ himself. When you look at where you’ve been and how far you’ve come, you’ll see that you did not get there on your own. Christ is forming you into his likeness by his power. Let this encourage you in the fact that you’re not alone and he has the power to do in you what you could never do alone.


  Not least important but maybe the least enjoyable, I make myself accountable to someone. It isn’t the same person for everything. In some cases it’s my husband, sometimes it’s a friend, and in some other cases it’s my journal, and God himself. I find that if I dedicate something to God it’s pretty hard to make excuses to him. He sees right through them! A good friend will do the same. They will help when they can, encourage when you need it, and sometimes give you a good old fashioned “kick” to get you going. Just knowing that someone is keeping track of my progress (not to judge or condemn of course) keeps me on my toes, doing my best to reach the goal.


I reward myself.  Well, sometimes.  I don’t do this one as often as I should. It’s not that I need to be convinced that it’s a good idea, rewards can be an excellent motivator for anyone.  It’s just having the creativity to dream up fun rewards that don’t require too much money or take me away from home for too long.  Not that I think I need a reward for every little thing I do.  For the most part I find my lifestyle very rewarding and much of what I do is a reward in itself.  I enjoy sitting down in a clean house and having a nice meal to eat. Its the bigger projects and goals that might get done more quickly if I had a reward waiting at the end. When our family hit the mark of “debt free except the house” we went on a vacation and paid cash. It was a fun way to celebrate success. We moms can reward ourselves in smaller ways as well. How about an afternoon with friends, just chatting and sharing life? Maybe a new candle for the kitchen or hand cream for your purse. Maybe a new praise cd or a book, and time to read it.  Would a pizza and movie night with the family be a fun way to top off a busy week? I’m sure hubby would love the idea of your rewarding yourself with a date night!  I’m so practical, I get excited about new socks! Whatever it is for you, if you have something that is going to take a little extra push, think of some kind of reward to keep your eye on while you dive in and get it done.



What about you? What helps you get things done even when you don’t feel like it?

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