Question # 5 reads “Homeschooling isn’t always easy, what makes it worth it for you?”

Here’s my answer:

Knowing that I am directly accountable for what my kids learn makes it worth it. In other words, I was never comfortable with being indirectly accountable for their education, provided by people I don’t know, who have objectives and values that are vastly different from mine.

I’ve never been very good at letting someone else make decisions for me. I choose what car I drive, when I go on vacation, (I’ll just say it’s not when public school is on vacation!) what’s for supper, and what I’m going to wear. These are all insignificant decisions compared to those that are made in the course of educating a child. Turning the significant decisions over to the state is just not going to happen in my house.

The Bible makes it very clear that parents are responsible for their children. Some choose to delegate some or most of the work involved in raising, nurturing, and educating their children. The truth is, even if you delegate the work, you’re still going to be held responsible. So for us, it makes mores sense to do the work we will be held accountable for.

While I don’t usually take lightly to someone else making my decisions for me, I insist on being in a position that allows me to let God make my decisions for me. And that includes specific decisions concerning my children’s education, as well as the little things, like what time we get up and when we start lessons. If I were to delegate the task of educating my children, I would be giving up the honor of hearing God for my children’s needs and the privilege of following His lead. I would be stuck with whatever someone else thinks is a good idea. That doesn’t work for me. Since I am responsible for my children, I prefer it to be directly so.


Do you home school? What makes it worth it for you? Be sure and share in the comments.