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Since you downloaded KM’s book, I thought you might like to know about my latest book “Emergency Meals.” I wrote it for myself as a way of avoiding the frustrations that come when “life happens” and your regular meal plan isn’t quite enough. I was tired of having to eat out because of situations that would arise during the day, or not being able to bring a meal to a friend because I wasn’t prepared.

So, in my desperation, I made a list of the different types of “emergencies” I was finding myself in, and added meal ideas  to each. Those lists turned into a whole book, complete with whole-meal directions! (That means I show you step-by step what to do in order to make the entire meal efficiently and so everything is done at the same time.)

I’m sure it will serve as a trusted resource and you’ll love the peace of mind–not to mention the 50 meal plans — that you’ll have as a result of using this book.

You can read more about it here…