Hi! My name is Susan Scott. I was blessed to meet Beth through our online writer’s group. Her joyful spirit and obvious heart for things of the Lord have been an encouragement to me. It is an honor to be able to share with you on her website.

I have been a homeschooling mom of two since 1996. In the 13 years prior to starting our homeschool I worked in every conceivable type of educational setting: from public, to private, to faith-based schools. I now own www.SusanScottOnline.com where I encourage, educate and equip people to uncover their own and their children’s unique giftings.

I enjoy teaching children but I was discouraged to see so many happy, enthusiastic, bright and inquisitive kindergarten children turn into angry, frustrated, struggling students before they reached third grade. Any child whose learning style and dominate type of intelligence was not perfectly suited for sitting still, listening quietly, and filling in workbook pages all day was, and still is, immediately labeled as “impaired.” It broke my heart to see the spirit and potential of these students get crushed under the burden of feeling as if they were defective and inferior to their classmates.

When my first child was ready for school, I recognized she had a non-traditional learning style. It was her academic struggles that first led me to explore the area of cognitive development, including Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences. I now speak and write about multiple intelligences, learning styles, and our God-given gifts in hopes of encouraging other parents to see their children’s true potential based on how God created them and not how the school system thinks they should be.

The idea of multiple intelligences has revolutionized both the way we homeschool and the way we parent our children. I believe absolutely that every person is born with a unique purpose on earth and has been given the raw potential to fulfill that purpose. For example, some children, my daughter included, are wired with an innate sense of how to relate to people and they have an exceptional measure of compassion. Those same children do not tend to do well in traditional, logic and writing based, school settings. I was determined not to subject her to the typical classroom situation and the conflicts that were sure to follow. My husband and I were committed to keeping her free from man-made labels that would try to tell her what she was and was not capable of doing.

We started out on the adventure of homeschooling for the express purpose of helping our children gain the tools and confidence to become everything they were created to be. By seeking to understand our children’s dominate type of intelligence, their inborn giftings and temperament we can find educational methods that meet their needs rather than trying to fit them into a one-size fits all education.

There would be more exceptional adults in the world if the unique gifts and type of intelligence of children were encouraged and built up during their school years instead of being disparaged or ignored. So many children, with wonderful, unique ways of seeing and relating to the world, are growing up believing they are at best dumb, at worst, learning disabled because they scored in the 25th percentile on some standardized test. They turn out to be unmotivated adults with low self-esteem and little sense of their own value. The exceptional gifts they were born with lie dormant under the memory of poor test scores.

Whether we are a homeschooling family or not, by understanding our children’s unique gifts, understanding the theory of multiple intelligences, and looking at their temperament and learning style, we can help them develop those gifts. If we can bless our children with a comprehension of what is special about them, give them the freedom and tools to explore their interests and desires, we can help them become the adults they were created to be.

My first child has graduated from our homeschool and has gone on to college. She is now a state certified EMT, working toward her paramedic license. Classroom style learning is still difficult for her, but years of success in our homeschool and opportunities to pursue her interests outside the classroom gave her the confidence in herself to pursue higher education.

My passion is to equip and encourage all parents to see the God given abilities in their children so more children can reach their full potential and live the exceptional life they were created to live. To that end I developed a website at http://www.homeschool.susanscott.org specifically to help parents with the resources and information for uncovering the type of intelligence, giftings and personality of their own children. There are plenty of free articles there to get you started on the path to understanding why and how your children are special. I would recommend you check out the article on multiple intelligences, found at this link: Multiple Intelligences

You can also find me on Facebook at Susan Scott Homeschool Learning Styles. Let’s connect there. If I can be of any help to you in your own homeschooling journey, leave me a message on my Facebook wall!