Learn to Craft a Great TalkWow! Lots of you visited yesterday, I had no idea there was such a strong interest in public speaking! I’m so glad Beth Jones agreed to share her experience with you. And how cool is this; I just got word today that Betsy Ringer is getting ready to offer her Speaking Learning Community again! And this class isn’t just for people who want to make speaking their main source of income. It’s for anyone who has a message to share, whether as part of their business or ministry.

Betsy is a wonderful lady who I met through iBloom; a team of christian women who inspire and equip women to bloom in life and business.  You can check out their website here: http://ibloom.co  I participated in this program over the summer and it was worth every penny.

Betsy has been speaking and instructing for 30 years. She now mentors other women in putting together a talk that people can really HEAR and act on. This class is a compilation of going through several top-notch speaker trainings and all of her years of experience. This is a VERY professional, practical and immediately applicable class. New speakers find it amazingly helpful as they step out to deliver their vital messages. Experienced speakers discover how they can really improve on their content, sharing stories and examples, bonding with the audience, helping them apply the main points, writing an introduction, visuals, style and so much more. She teaches you how to adapt your talk for teleclasses, keynotes, retreats, events and workshops. She mentors women who are in ministry or have heart-entrepreneur businesses where speaking can help get their message out. She is adamant about how the world needs our messages!

Here are some things about the format of the class that will be helpful to know:

The Speaking Learning Community begins Wednesday, November 6. They meet for an hour and 15 minutes for five weeks, Noon ET; 11 CT; 10 MT and 9 AM PT.

•  There is a private group Facebook page to exchange support, encouragement, assignments and to ask questions.

•  All sessions are recorded so you can listen again or if you need to miss a session or two you can easily catch up.

•  You will have a workbook that makes it easy to follow along and easy to take notes.

•  You will also receive a Design Template to make putting your talk together clear and organized.

You will connect with fabulous women from coast to coast and from Canada to Texas! God is working through women to help others navigate this life in a richer, more powerful way. The world needs our messages! Again….Betsy has prepared this teaching from several speaker trainings and her 30 year experience in speaking, putting it into an easy, straightforward form that you can will immediately apply!

Only 15 spots are available. Here’s all the info and sign up information. I highly recommend this class to you. You can find out exactly what is taught in the class and register at: http://ibloom.co/speaking/  They are always interested in how people hear about their classes and resources so if you register, please put my name down in the comment box so they know who referred you.

If you need to connect with Betsy, her email address is betsy@brightlifecenter.com

Here are a few of the comments Betsy’s received about the Speaking Learning Community:

“I have gone to several speaker conferences, and this is by far the most practical and helpful class I have ever taken. Betsy, thank you for sharing your expertise, experiences and wisdom with us.”

Cathy Horning

“I love the class and would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn from an expert with experience in speaking from the heart.  Betsy’s teaching style, welcoming personality, ability to make others feel comfortable, and her combined experience and expertise makes this a must-do class for anyone that wants to create amazing talks or up-level their existing talks.”

Kelly Osbaldiston

“I love the way that Betsy has designed this class. She has provided us with great guidelines to follow. I finally see the things that I need to change in my presentation to make it rock solid and valuable to my audience. I feel that I can write a better presentation now, after taking this class! Thanks Betsy for all that you put into this!!!”

Lynnae Bussell