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What does he not want me to do? 


You may be thinking at this point that you have more to do than when you started reading this series. Please don’t leave me now! I promise, we’ll get to the part of getting it all done! Like I said at the beginning of this section, we first have to establish what “it all” is. What exactly are we supposed to be getting done? (and what exactly are we supposed to be enjoying?) The first step was to determine what we are to be doing, by seeking God’s wisdom for our priorities and for choosing those “jobs” that fit who he made us to be. The next step is to determine what we are not supposed to be doing. Yep, I said it, there are things we just have to say no to if we want to be in balance and do well with what we’ve been given to do.

If God gave you certain things to be passionate about, and expects you to pursue those things, it would make sense that he wants you to leave the other things to his other children, so they can pursue their calling as well.  Be mindful of those who have a gift or a calling but will not step out into that calling themselves-usually out of not feeling needed- if someone else is already doing that job. By doing something you were not called to do, you may be robbing someone of their opportunity to serve the Lord in a way that fits their individual design. If you are faithfully doing all you were personally called to do, you won’t have time to do those things you were not called to do.

Your calling may be very different from  someone else’s. Your calling may not be as popular. Some people may wonder why you aren’t involved with this wonderful ministry or that great organization. Once you discover who you are, what your gifts have, and how God wants to use you, you can confidently step back and allow someone else to do the other things. Always be willing to explain if someone respectfully asks, but remember that God determines your assignments and you are to be submissive to him, not someone else’s idea of what you should be doing.

It will take honesty and obedience from you. You will need to be careful not to slip into a pattern of turning down opportunities because “that isn’t my gift”. That answer is often true and valid, just be careful not to use it as an excuse not to do something you don’t feel like doing. Even though I believe that God gives us desires to do certain things, I also believe we do other things just because it needs to be done, or because God wants us to grow. If something is presented to you personally, then it could be that God is bringing it to you. Ask him. He is faithful to complete a good work in you.

So, take some time to find out how God wants you to use these precious days he has given you. Ask him to show you what is important to Him. Ask him to show you what your gifts are and how he wants you  to use them. Ask him to show you if there is an area where you need to step back and allow someone else to use their gifts.  Ask him to show you what He wants you to do in this season of you life, and what is reserved for another time, perhaps even the past. Ask him to show you how to choose the most important things, and go about doing them.


Beth Cranford


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