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Delegate effectively:

Don’t forget to put all of your little helpers to work. When you delegate chores, make sure you give each child the chores that are significant enough that they are actually helping, but at a level they can do with excellence. Chore time is different from learning a new skill. Since we are discipling our children we teach all along the way,  praising any honest effort. But for chore time, only schedule those things that they can do well, and that will actually help you.


Don’t get caught up in portraying an image:

By that I mean, don’t put your best efforts into the things that show, leaving the other things for what’s left of you.  If you focus on things that other people see, you will be out of balance at best and dishonest at worst. Do the things that are important and your image will be just what it’s  supposed to be.


Think (and pray) before you say “yes”:

If you are involved in the lives of other people to any extent, you will have plenty of opportunities to volunteer your time in various ways. Of course being involved in service to others is a worthy and godly use of our time. But we have to keep a balance. Like I stated earlier, it’s important to make decisions in light of our priorities, and our personality. Any time someone asks you to do something, ask them for some time to think about it. Many times when I ask someone a favor, I begin by saying “you don’t have to answer me right now, take some time to think about it, (or check your schedule, talk to your husband, pray about it, whichever applies) and you can call me back.”  Then I ask the favor. I want them to know that I don’t want them to feel pressured and that they need to evaluate my request in light or their own priorities. Don’t feel embarrassed to ask for some time. Maybe you just need to check with your husband and call the person back. Maybe it’s bigger than that and you need time to pray about it before saying yes. If they are truly in such a hurry that they can’t wait, they will have to ask someone else. It is far better for you to say no and for the person asking to find someone else,  than for you to say yes, and either do a poor job or no job at all, or allow your other responsibilities to suffer because of this new demand on your time. You can say yes to a lot of requests and needs. You just have to be thoughtful and choosy, making sure you work them in appropriately to an existing framework of what you’ve determined to be most important.


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