I’m back with more lists! Today I’m wrapping up the last of the details of my 2012 goals list.

I’m sharing my lists with you not to show you how busy I am, but in hopes that it might be inspiring to you, (when you see how much you can do if you just write it down and make a plan) give you ideas, or even remind you of things you already wanted to do but have forgotten. I know it’s always helpful for me to peek over someone’s shoulder and see what their goals are or how they plan out their week, etc. I hope this will be equally helpful to you.

Another benefit of sharing my goals with you–one that  isn’t quite so much fun–is accountability. I’m not holding myself to these goals with a “no mercy” kind of commitment, but I really would like to meet as many of my goals as possible. Sharing them here will give me a little more incentive to stay on track and not lose sight of where I want to go. Thanks for reading, I’d love for you to stay in touch an join me along the way.

Here are four more lists of things I would like to accomplish this year.

Do 4 family projects

Some ideas include;

  1. Greeting card signing party (We all sit down with a calendar-filled in with important occasions– and a pile of cards. We choose, sign, address and stamp appropriate cards for each person on our calendar with a birthday, anniversary, etc.)
  2. Greeting card making party-(We all sit down and make the cards for the greeting card signing party)
  3. Plant a garden
  4. Start a hospital visitation ministry


Watch these videos

**These are all on Netflix (I may tire of watching food documentaries, we’ll see how it goes)

Food Matters


What’s on Your Plate

Waiting for Superman

Food, Inc.

**The following are available at CBD

Tea With Michelle Duggar (I got this free but it’s available at CBD)

The Star of Bethlehem

Drive Thru the Holy Land Series

The American Heritage Series


 I don’t own most of these so we’ll have to see how many fit into the budget. I’ve got that huge book list to consider you know!


Perfect these cooking projects


English muffins

Italian bread

Sour dough bread



Ravioli (Not just any ravioli, this is special ravioli with strong family memories attached, I’ll post about it when I get it perfected.)

Gram’s squash donuts

My strategy: I have set aside one Saturday per month for baking. On those days I’ll do all my regular baking for the month (muffins, waffles, dinner rolls, hamburger rolls, etc.) and I’ll work on the challenge item. I’ll probably do the yogurt and Kefir during the week since they are both pretty hands-off.

I’ll share recipes and pictures of each item as soon as I get it “perfected”


And work on these habits

January: Work with Lydia every day on read aloud, Bible, and other subjects as needed. Review Lydia’s work at least every other day

February: Get up by 6:30 so I can “slay my dragons before breakfast”  (See this article)

March: Focused exercise at least 3 x per week

April: Clean the kitchen after every meal (that’s 3x per day for us)

May: Read with Josiah at least 3x per day (this includes when Lydia or Daddy reads)

June: Cook with each child at least 2x per week

July: Play with Josiah (really play, not just be nearby as he plays) at least 1x per day… consistently

August: Fast on Friday and pray for my family

September: Pay bills the Saturday after each pay day

October: Iron at least once every other week

November: Sort through mail daily, don’t let papers pile up

December: Keep more detailed  track of Christmas expenses

My strategy: The best way to approach this would be to choose one per month and give it intense focus, then move on to the next while continuing to practice the previous one. That strategy would help avoid overwhelm and giving up on all of them. The problem is, some of these just can’t wait until the latter part of the year.

So, here’s my plan. I will keep this list where I can refer to it on a weekly basis. For me, developing a new habit has a whole lot to do with simply remembering it. I will do my best to work on each item, but I will put most of my energy into the one for that particular month. I’ll let you know how my strategy works.

That’s it. Now that I’ve got all my lists made and shared… I guess it’s time to get to work!


Be sure to leave some of your goals in the comments so we can all get ideas and offer our encouragement!

Beth Cranford,

girl with a plan


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