Every once in a while, someone asks me why we homeschool. I have to admit, after homeschooling for almost eight years, I still don’t have a well-defined answer to that question. I’m sometimes tempted to ask; “Do you want the political answer, the spiritual answer, the academic answer, the financial answer, the empowered- independent- freedom-cherishing mother answer, or do you want the Mom answer?” But I decided that would take too long, so I usually give whichever comes to my head.

Today, even though you didn’t ask, I’m sharing with you the Mom answer.

I homeschool because I like my kids. I enjoy their company. I enjoy doing things with and for them. I enjoy watching them grow and become the person they were created to be.  I am grateful for the times (daily) that I’ve been able to chat with my daughter about something that’s on her mind — right when she wants to talk about it, not three weeks later when the opportunity arrives. I love knowing that Lydia is Josiah’s best friend. And I love hearing him tell her that. I love hearing him go into her room in the morning and say “Wake up Sissy, it’s a happy day!” I love hearing them laugh while I’m making lunch and sing while we drive to the grocery store.

There are so many things that happen throughout the course of a day that simply wouldn’t happen if my children weren’t both here most of the time. (Notice I said most of the time. We aren’t hermits, and Lydia does have friends, and does get out of the house without the rest of us, just in case you’re wondering.) It’s just living life together. We’re building relationships that will last, as we sit at home, and as we walk along the road, as we lie down, and as we get up.

I want more than an after school relationship with my kids. And I want them to have more than that with each other. This is why I homeschool.