It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Turkey, tinsel, friends, and family.

And lots of expenses.

It’s times like these that a home business sounds even more attractive. But is it for me? You might be wondering.

Today I want to introduce you to Kelly McCausey; business coach for solopreneurs. I’ve learned a ton from Kelly and love her friendly, practical approach. She just came out with her latest book “Solopreneurs are Smarter”. I thought it would be fun to ask her a few questions about her book and share her answers with you.

Beth: Explain your book title: What is a Solopreneur and who are they smarter than?

Kelly: A Solopreneur is someone who runs a business light and tight on purpose.  They’re not trying to build something so big that they need employees. Instead they build so strategically that they can boost their income without boosting their work load.  That makes them smarter than just about everybody else in my opinion 😉

Beth: So does being a solopreneur mean you do all of the work yourself?

Kelly: It could – but thankfully in my case, it does not.  I have a few talented Virtual Assistants who take care of some aspects of my business.  They’re actually solopreneurs too.

Beth: How does someone know if they have what it takes to be a Solopreneur?

Kelly: Well, the truth is that not everyone is suited for it.  I know quite a few people who like working for someone else.  They aren’t at all attracted to the concept of running a business.  That’s ok – someone has to fill all of those jobs, right?

A solopreneur knows who they are. They love being self- directed and having choices. If despite enjoying the work, you just can’t fall in love with being an employee – you probably have the seed of solopreneurship.

Beth: Can a person be a part time Solopreneur?

Kelly: Yep! Mostly while on their way to being a full time solopreneur of course. Moonlighting to build your own business is a well known past-time.

I was a part time soloprenuer for close to four years before I was in the position to walk away from the day job.

Beth: What is your favorite way to support a solopreneur?

Kelly: As a business coach, my number one responsibility is to provide accountability.  I help my clients set goals and create a plan to complete it.  I’m all about forward motion.  I love seeing a client making real progress!

Beth: Being an online entrepreneur isn’t for everyone. But I’m convinced that there are those
who find the idea intriguing but they never do it because it seems to0 unrealistic, too
much like a foreign concept. What would you say to someone who has the aptitude but
needs to make that leap from “Thats cool for other people” to “This is perfect for me?”

Kelly: The people who succeed in an online business are those who just go for it.  Why
shouldn’t that be you?

Every so often I look at myself and think ‘Who are you?’ LOL!  Who is this woman who
works in her pajamas and sleeps until noon half of the week – yet still manages to pay
the bills?  This is a crazy life!

There is nothing special about me – I’m an everyday gal.  I’m not the best at anything
I do by a long shot.  It’s just that I get up and do it.  You can too!

Beth: Thanks Kelly! I can’t wait to read your book!

If you’re even thinking about a home business you need to get to know Kelly. You can listen to her podcast here
Solo Smarts Blog & Podcast

And don’t forget to check out her book!
Solopreneurs are Smarter (Paperback Book)