Here are some quick, simple tips that can help you get down to business and get more done in less time.

These are taken from my ebook “How Do I Get it all Done… and Still Have Time to Enjoy it?”


The Kitchen 

  • Make a weekly meal plan and shop only once per week.
  • Better yet, make 4 weekly meal plans and rotate them. You won’t have to sit down every week and make another plan.
  • Check your meal plan in the morning incase something needs to be thawed or put into the crock pot.
  • Clean the kitchen after each meal instead of letting it pile up.
  • Combine errands outside the home into the same day.
  • Plan your meals around the activities of the day (crock pot on busy days, etc.).
  • Batch cook; cook two of any meal that freezes well. Freeze, and enjoy on a busy day.
  • Cut your boneless chicken into chunks and strips when you bring it home. Freeze in meal-size portions. Meal prep will be much quicker with this one step done ahead.
  • Brown ground beef ahead and freeze it in meal-size portions.
  • Clean the fridge before you grocery shop- preferably the day before the trash truck comes.
  • Start (and end) with a clean kitchen.
  • Keep a list of food you’ll need to restock the next time you shop.


The phone 

  • Don’t use it while you’re driving. (I know, this is a time management book, I’m just really passionate about this issue)
  • Limit the time you spend on the phone. Some phone time is essential and may be your way of ministering to a friend or meeting your need for friendship. Just be careful not to let it spill over into the other things you need to be doing.
  • Only answer the phone when you are not doing something that requires your full attention.
  • Make a list of odd household jobs that you never get to, but  you can do while on the phone. Examples; dust any room, fold laundry, clean the moldings, wash the glass in the front door, wash mirrors, clean the fridge out, organize the pantry, etc. Keep the list   in a very accessible place. When you find yourself on the phone, and you predict its going to take a while, pull out your list and get to work. This is effective multitasking. There are many household tasks that you’ll never have to make time for because you take care of them while you’re on the phone.
  • I personally try not to be on the phone when my husband comes home from work. Sometimes that means I have to be intentional and think ahead about who I need to call, and make sure I get it done earlier in the day.


Come back next week and we’ll talk about “the laundry” and “the stuff”!