We’ve seen over the past two days how important it is to understand your personality and your unique spiritual gifts. These elements of your Personal Design Profile are very significant when it comes to choosing the business that you will love and that will bless your family and those you are called to serve.


But there’s more. Today we need to look at your skills, talents, and experiences.


Your skills:

These are simply the types of tasks that you are efficient at. They are usually learned, and may or may not point to a particular gift or passion. You can learn a skill because you have to. You can learn a skill because it is needed for you to pursue your passion. Either way, you have skills. You probably have skills you’re unaware of because you take them for granted. Some skills you may have but are overlooking might include:








auto repair

computer programming




Your Talents:

Your spiritual gift is given to you by God when you received the gift of the holy spirit. Your talent, on the other hand, was weaved into your being while you were in your mother’s womb. (Really, how cool is that?)


You’ve seen them.

  • The eleven year old girl who sings like a 25 year old.
  • The ballerina who brings you to tears.
  • The woman who can calm a fearful child.
  • The lady whose home looks like a decorating magazine came to life.
  • The preacher who makes you laugh while teaching you important truth.
  • The man next door who can fix anything!


You ask them how they got so good at what they do, and they just don’t know. Of course they’ve worked at it, but the foundation of their special gift is attributed to sheer talent. A beautiful gift received before birth.


We all receive a talent (or talents). God is no respecter of persons. He doesn’t favor one over another when it comes to our individual design. What are your talents? And how can your talents point you toward your ideal business?


Your Experiences:

At this point in your life you’ve been to a few places and done a few things. You’ve learned lessons along the way that put you in a place of authority. And you’ve gained insights that allow you to be successful where others have failed. You have experience. You have something to offer.


Even if you’ve never had a job in your life, you have experience. From being on the debate team in sixth grade to helping your grandmother bring in the harvest of green beans, you have experience. Your job is to reach all the way back to the beginning and shine a light on the things you’ve done, places you’ve been, and people you’ve known. All of these can be valuable in discovering your experiences and how they can shine the light on what you were called to do.


On your next sheet of paper, identify your talents, skills, and experiences.

You’re going to need some quite time to yourself to really think through these questions. Don’t just list the first one or two that come to mind. Really take the time to think about your life and look for those things you’ve taken for granted because they’re just part of your everyday life.

After you’ve spent some time by yourself, ask a loved one who knows you well to help you finish your list. I guarentee that your loved one will see something you didn’t see, usually in the area of talent. Sometimes it takes the perspective of someone else to see what we’re good at!


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