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Last week I shared with you some wisdom I learned from S.Truett Cathy, founder of Chick-fil-A. In one of his books he shared the power of knowing, and being faithful to your purpose in any given venture. I promised I’d take that nugget of wisdom and apply it to three areas of life here on my blog; home making, home schooling, and home business. Today we’ll talk about home making.

You may think this concept has nothing to do with home making. Of course, a home maker’s purpose is to make a home! But let’s look a little closer. Is making a home your purpose, or is it your vehicle?

I personally  make a home because I want to honor and bless the people who live here and visit here.

When I think about it that way, I may have to change the way I do some things.  With the purpose of blessing the people who come through my door, what are some purpose-targeted decisions I need to make?

If I’m going to bless my husband, I need to consider his preferences when I’m making choices involving everything from what’s for dinner, to what color to paint the living room,  to what social engagements I commit us to. Just like with my kids, I need to be available to him and not get in the habit of being too busy or too cranky (probably from being too busy!). There are a lot of things I can do in a day. Choosing which to do and which to skip is easier when I remember that my purpose in making a home is to bless my husband.

In order to bless my children, I need to be available to them. This might mean limiting my time spent on the phone, or even pruning some outside activities. It means guarding my attitude and seeing the joy in watching them learn and grow, even if it makes a mess, or keeps  me from cleaning a previously made mess.  There is so much more involved in blessing my children that goes way beyond the scope of this article. I just need to remember that if things don’t seem to be running smoothly, if the home I’m making isn’t serving as a blessing to my children, I need to look and determine what I’m doing that doesn’t support my purpose for being a homemaker.

I mentioned the people who visit my home. I make it a point to always be kind and welcoming to my daughter’s friends. I also need to keep in mind that if my purpose for home making is partly to practice hospitality, then I need to have room in my schedule for having people over, and not be so worried about planning the perfect event that it keeps me from inviting any one at all.

I’m not here to keep a perfect house. I’m here to make a welcoming home. Remembering my purpose for building this home will guide each decision I make, keep me motivated, and make my path straight.

What is your purpose for making a home, and what purpose-targeted decisions are you making today?


Beth Cranford

purposefully blessing others by making a welcoming home


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