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 Your purpose in home business

This one is  easy, you’re in business to make money, right? So, the decisions you make should be easy too, go with the thing that will make you the most money.


But It’s not that easy.


Many home businesses are started not for the primary purpose of earning money, but for the purpose of blessing people. The money is a welcome and often needed fruit of the business, but not the purpose. Making decisions based on profit alone will cloud your focus and limit your potential.


But it’s not wrong to have a business for the purpose of earning money. (That’s America!) Even if earning money is your main purpose for having a business, you will also have a purpose for the particular business you chose. For example, you may need to earn some money to help pay for college for your child. At the same time you have a strong pull in your heart to teach people how to get out of debt. The money is the purpose for working, helping people reach financial responsibility is the purpose for the coaching program you will start. Knowing that purpose will help you stay focused and on track.


If earning an income is your purpose for having a business, you have to know what your purpose is in your particular business to know what things will earn the most money. It’s especially easy for an online business owner to get distracted into doing things that are not well suited to their business model, or, their purpose. Suppose you have a website dedicated to helping people lose weight.  When the idea comes along to put advertising for electronics on your website you’ll decline, because it is not complimentary to your purpose.Yes, other people are earning money with their advertising, maybe it fits their purpose. And maybe it doesn’t and they aren’t reaching their full potential. Make your choices based on your “why” and the success will follow.


Building a loyal customer base is easier when you stay focused on your purpose. People aren’t as likely to stay with you if they don’t have a clear idea of what it is that you are offering and what they can expect from you.  Customers will come to trust you because you are staying with your purpose and building a long-term relationship, not chasing after the thing that will bring the quickest cash.


Making decisions based on your true purpose will make you more profitable and more stable, because of your resolve to stay  focused and your ability to make very intentional decisions.


So, take it from the Chic-fil-a team. Define your purpose and remain true to it. Success will follow, maybe to a greater extent than you ever imagined.


Beth Cranford

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