Today I’m handing my blog over to my friend, Betsy Ringer. I’ve had the privilege of getting to know her this year and I’m honored that she was willing to write this post for you. I can hear here speaking as I read through this. I wish you could too, she’s simply amazing. After you’ve read this, do yourself a favor and make an effort to get to know her too. You’ll be blessed.


Your knowledge about different personality styles equips you to use your personality strengths in your business and interact dynamically with your readers, customers and clients. We are born with a specific personality style or combination. Each style contributes in a unique way. The more we understand about how we are wired and what drives others, our day to day living and work can be more effective – and less frustrating!


While one personality may be more drawn to a certain business than another, there are no limitations. Passion and skill will more likely determine WHAT business you are drawn to. Your personality will determine HOW you work in your business.




Let’s look at a very brief description of each personality:


  • Playful Sanguine: Goal: Have fun! 

Strengths: Love life, colorful, expressive, curious, talkative, energetic, cheerful, inspiring.

Struggles: Gets distracted; hard to stick to a schedule, may talk too much

  • Proper Melancholy: Goal: Do things properly.

Strengths: Neat, tidy, organized or systematic. Likes charts and graphs. Reserved.

Struggles: can seem critical; low self-image; skeptical.

  • Powerful Choleric: Goal: Take charge.

Strengths: Achiever, driver, task-focused. Goal-oriented, direct, problem-solver, visionary.

Struggles: Impatient, demanding, can’t relax.

  • Peaceful Phlegmatic: Goal: Peace/harmony.

Strengths: Easy-going, balanced, contented, dry sense of humor. Good administrators.

Struggles: Stubborn, resists change, procrastinates.


As you read these descriptions you probably resonate with one or two of the styles. IF you can’t decide, if you think you are all four, you are probably a Phlegmatic. When you decide what personality or combination of two personalities you are, list what you think your main strengths are and what your main struggle or weakness might be.




A business goal is to let your strengths shine through and manage your struggles. We all have weaknesses, the key is to identify and manage them.


How can you use your strengths in your desired business? What might be frustrating for you because of your personality?


EXAMPLE 1: A Sanguine selects blogging as a business. She is inspiring and has lots of energy to learn and develop her business. However, she may find she is easily distracted. Or she might find the isolation oppressive. To manage her struggles she can use a good planner to keep her more organized and make sure she schedules time with people to offset working alone.


EXAMPLE 2: A Melancholy also decides to make blogging a business. She is detail-oriented so she sets up an impeccable business strategy. Her insight gives her a good grasp of what her audience needs. To manage her weak areas she can daily acknowledge her abilities to overcome her lack of confidence and work for excellence, not perfection.




Now that you know more about the different personality styles, be sure to include each in your business strategy.

  • Add some fun for the Sanguine
  • Show sensitivity to the Melancholy
  • Be direct and offer main points for the Choleric
  • Don’t add stress to the Phlegmatic


Business is all about relationship! Your personality impacts your business through your relationship to your work and to those you serve!




Betsy Ringer is the Speaking Specialist with iBloom. She has been speaking to a wide variety of audiences for over 25 years. She now shares her expertise with entrepreneurs helping them create and deliver their signature talk. Through speaking, coaching, and authored resources she helps other entrepreneurs establish themselves as the expert in their particular business or ministry. She is a Personality Specialist and her products are available at

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