Recently I posted on facebook that I wonder how many of my friends and readers ever dream of building their own business. It could be a small business– just enough to put gas in the car and maybe shoes on the kids’ feet. Or maybe you’re dreaming of bringing Dad home from his office job so your family can experience life together.


I wonder how many of you have “been there, tried that, it didn’t work”. I also wonder how many of you think that the idea sounds wonderful but feel like there’s just no way it could work for you.


Is that you? If so, are you open to exploring the idea one more time? From a different perspective this time? I’ve been thinking about why it is that many people have either tried,and let go of, a business, or dream about owning a business but haven’t “jumped in” yet.


Before we dive into what I think some of the reasons are, I have to explain why I know this. It’s because I too have been there… done all of that… and none of it worked. I’ve wanted to have a business since I can remember, and boy have I tried a few. Some of the things I tried I was successful at, I just didn’t enjoy it. Other things I have tried are business models that I have come to see as not really good for anybody, except the rare few that somehow succeed.  But through it all, I did learn a lot about building a business, and a lot about how not to build a business!


Looking back at the businesses I’ve tried and the reasons why I didn’t continue on with each of them, I can see some trends and common threads that weave throughout each situation. I’ve seen these same scenarios play out in the lives of others who have started and stopped a home business.


Here are some reasons that I see that lead people to quit the home businesses that they start.

  • This is taking too much time from family life.
  • I’m not making the money I thought I would.
  • This is not as easy as they said it would be.
  • I’m not good at it.
  • I just don’t like it.
  • I work way too hard for the money I make.
  • I don’t like selling.
  • My friends get nervous when they see me coming!
  • My husband wants the living room back. (Right now it’s full of the stuff I’m selling, or making.)

I’ve also given some thought to the reasons why people don’t start a home business in the first place. Here are a few I’ve seen:

  • They don’t know what their strengths are.
  • They don’t know that if chosen well, building a business can be fun!
  • They believe that the only way to make money from home is to sell something.
  • They are not hungry enough for change to do the required work.
  • They’re afraid of failure
  • They’re afraid of what others will say. (“You? do that?”… “Oh, not another one of those businesses”… “I know someone who tried that and it doesn’t work.”…)
  • “Someday” simply hasn’t arrived.

Do you see yourself in any of this? Have you started and quit because of any of the reasons above? Are you attracted to the idea of having your own business but held back by some of the objections above? Are you in a position in life that working for yourself could be a good thing?

I want you to know that there is a way to build a business;

  • Starting with the money and time you have available.
  • Using your own strengths and interests.
  • Doing something you enjoy.
  • Working at  home around your schedule.
  • Without a single “party” if you don’t like that business model.


Stick with me throughout this 31 day series and we’ll explore the idea of your ideal home-business, so you can start with confidence, and continue on with success.


If you’ve thought about a home-based business and decided against it, or you’ve started one and quit, do this short journaling exercise:

On the next sheet in your notebook, make a list of any and all of the reasons you either haven’t started a business, or why you have quit one or more in the past.

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