Last week I promised to post my goals/plans/intentions for 2012. I know I’m a little behind the times, it being January 9th already, but here they are.

You’ll notice that lots of the items below show up in blue and say “details to follow in a later post”. Those are goals that have their own detailed lists. Most of the lists are made but not quite ready for posting. I plan to post them gradually over the next week or so.

Obviously this isn’t everything I will do this year, nor will I accomplish everything on this list perfectly. I still have a lot to learn about setting appropriate goals but I know one thing, I get more done and get closer to becoming the person I want to be when I have detailed, written goals.

I hope this list will encourage you and maybe give you some ideas to get you started on your own list of goals for the year. (Assuming you’re like me and haven’t done it yet.) Please check back often to see the additional posts as I get them done, and join me as I try to post a “goal check” at the end of each month. (That’s not on my list of goals, so technically I don’t have to do it, right?)

I pray that this will be a blessed and productive year for you. Here’s what I’ve got on the horizon.

**Update; 3/1/12  Oops, I changed my mind on a few things. I’ve decided not to do a monthly goal check. It’ snot because I don’t want you to hold me accountable, I do. The trouble is, many of the goals on this list are ongoing, meaning they’ll never be done. I’m sure you would get tired of reading the same old list with the words “good so far” attached. Many of the goals that aren’t ongoing are slated for a specific month, some not until december, so it doesn’t make any sense to check on my progress before that. So, I’m just going to keep this list up and I’ll cross things off when I do them.  Any item with a line through it isn’t a dropped goal, it’s an accomplished goal. (Now, if you’d be so kind as to not inquire about those ones that don’t ever get crossed off…)

p.s not sure why it turned those items red, I’ll look into that.

My Intentions for the Year


Personal & Homemaking

  • Finish current projects of rearranging dining room and Josiah’s room
  • Decrease the food budget enough to pay for guitar lessons for Joe and Lydia starting in August
  • Continue saving $ to replace Joe’s car
  • Research a way to help Lydia get started with selling her hand made jewelry
  • Follow my plan for eating nutritiously-ongoing
  • Get back to a consistent Bible study/prayer time (now that Josiah finally sleeps all night!)-ongoing
  • Smoother, more consistent bed time for Josiah (We have a game plan with detailed times, etc. no vague goals here)
  • Develop my weekly schedule to reflect the activities of this year
  • Get back to once a month grocery shopping
  • Get back to doing 45 minute freezer cooking sessions


  • Take Lydia out once per month
  • Go out with Joe at least once per month (depending on child care, hopefully more often)
  • Also schedule quiet time with Joe every month for goals, budget, etc.
  • Plan and schedule 6 family outings
  • Plan and schedule a weekend trip with Joe
  • Do 4 family projects (details to follow in a later post)
  • Get family portraits made
  • Plan a trip to Maine and one or two trips to Michigan (to see family)
  • Plan a fun weekend trip
  • Teach Lydia;
    • choose 24 meals or dishes-schedule cooking days
    • how to make chocolates
    • quilting (make Josiah’s quilt)
    • jewelry sales once I get some direction
  • Open our home to friends/ neighbors at least once per month (plan in advance for accountability)



  • Join a connection group when the new groups start
  • Start a hospital visitation ministry
  • Continue singing-ongoing
  • Continue cooking for Room at the Inn once per month-ongoing
  • Help With coated in love



  • Revise and relaunch web site
  • Follow detailed plan for business development
  • Research and launch an affiliate program
  • Develop editorial calendar for blog posts and articles
  • Continue learning as opportunities arise-ongoing



That’s another topic for another day. For now, buy Illuminations and do it.


Lists of things I plan to do that involve several areas of my life

  • Read/ listen to at least 40 books (details to follow in a later post) in addition to those I read with Lydia for “school”
  • Listen to podcasts as they are available
  • Tackle these 12 projects (details to follow in a later post)
  • Establish or improve these habits (details to follow in a later post)


Education (Opportunities I am currently aware of and intend to pursue)

That should keep me pretty busy (you’ll agree once you see those lists that I still have to post).

Now go make your list.

Beth Cranford
ready for a new year


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