Beth’s e-Books

This page is still a work in progress, and you’ll love the reason!

I’ve decided, in light of the direction I want to go with this site, to offer most, or maybe even all, of my e-books for free.
I have to make some edits to each of them and get the “Free” store set up, so stay tuned!

Here is a list of e-books that you’ll soon find on this page. Some will be free to all readers, some will be free for subscribers only. (I love my subscribers and always strive to give them extra special care!)

It’s Me Or The Coupons
It Homeschooling Really For Us (Probably going to be changed to “Should We Quit Homeschooling?”)
16 Strategies to Eat Better and  Spend Less
Stop Throwing Food Away
How Do I Get It All Done? (And Still Have Time To Enjoy It.)
Meal Planning 101
Freezer Cooking 101
Desserts That Are Worth It
Family Travel Pack

And more on the way so be sure to check back often!

Until then, take good care of yourself. Give yourself a moment to breathe, and soak in the goodness of His grace. Here is a resource I’m completely in love with, you may love it too!

I love how Bible journaling allows us women to slow down, and to meditate on God’s Word while expressing our creativity. (Or for me, the lack of artistic talent!) These kits are a great way to get started.



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