Meet Beth

Hi, I’m Beth–somewhat introverted, very opinionated, and not even a little bit athletic (unless you count vacuuming as a sport).

I’m the immensely blessed wife of one, and mom of two. (They’re almost ten years apart so we affectionately call them our “two only-children”.)

Here’s my world.

Here’s my reason to wake up in the morning. (Thankfully not too early, I’ve got them trained to be night-owls, just like their mom and dad.)

I was raised in rural Maine by loving parents, along- side two brothers and two sisters (and various stray pets that adopted us as their own).

I now live in TN with my husband of 24 years, our two kids, a dog, and a cat–who, incidentally, match because of their coloring. (I’m not a big pet lover, but  my family loves them and I can see that the house may be a bit lonelier without them… maybe.)

~I’m proud to say that I have my dad’s sarcastic and witty sense of humor  and my mom’s gift of empathy and her sense of organization and commitment to excellence.

~I’m sort-of Ok at a lot of things, not really spectacular at anything. Except maybe that sarcasm thing, but my husband argues that sarcasm might not be something to be extremely proud of. Bummer.

~I love Dr. Pepper, but only drink one a day. For the life of me I can’t convince myself that lemon-water is a worthy substitute.

~Pizza is also on my list of favorite things, as well as food-scented candles. And Early American music.

~And sleeping.
I do so enjoy sleeping.
My son didn’t sleep more than 2 hours in a row until he was 38 months. That’s over three years, people!  I figure I deserve about a three month vacation after that! (But I’ll settle for an ocassional quiet hour to read… and then sleep!)

My biggest claim to fame and my highest source of joy, peace, and courage is that I am a daughter of the king! A princess, purchased with the blood of Christ. 

It doesn’t take a lot to make me happy. Just this week I finally found an all-natural laundry soap that I love the smell of!  That’s it. That’s all it takes.

  • Or waking up to something delicious for breakfast.
  • Or cookie dough. (Not really for breakfast though, I’m not that bad!)
  • Capturing a beautiful photo makes me happy. (I photograph food, my sweet girl photographs people and interesting things.)
  • A “wish flower” picked by my sweet boy makes me happy.
  • And seeing my daughter’s Instagram post that says “My mom is my best friend, and I’m Ok with that”.
  • And always, always, the sound of my kids laughing, especially with each other.
  • And my husband laughing at my jokes. This makes me happy.


Like you, I’ve experienced some difficulties and set-backs in my life. It’s interesting, what happens when you’ve got some troubles you can look back on. As I reflect on the trials I’ve faced thus far, I see  God in each one of them.

I  see His steady hand, and hear His gentle voice.  And I feel more tangibly than ever before, not only his willingness to forgive, but his determination to rescue me from my own foolishness.

But he doesn’t just rescue me, as if that’s not enough. He cleans my wounds, breathes new life into me, and teaches me how to live a victorious, vibrant, abundant life.

I believe  that God wants that victorious life for you too.

In the pages of this website you’ll find words of encouragement from one ordinary girl to another. I’ll be offering  practical  things like recipes, meal plans, and  planning pages, and I’ll be sharing my heart on issue like homeschooling, walking with God, and even fighting depression and anxiety.

I believe that through Christ, we ordinary women can have an extraordinary life. ((<tweet that)

I want to help you break away from the things that hold you back from living an abundant, victorious life. Whether that might be a schedule that’s out of control, a longing to find that “sweet spot” where you’re living into your calling, a heart that needs some fresh perspective on God’s word in your life, or even some help in tailoring your business or ministry to your life.  And who doesn’t need a good recipe now and then to make life a little easier and tastier!

Here at Beth Cranford .com, we’re learning to Live Well, Love our Lives, and  Leave a Beautiful Legacy.

Won’t you join us?

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