Yesterday we talked about knowing your “Why”, and how being clear on why you want a business will help you choose the right one. Today I have an idea to explore with you.

What if, instead of just building a business, you could build a “Legacy Business”?

I know, it sounds a little weird. You may be thinking I’m going to ask you to sell life insurance for babies or do some type of business that you’ll hand down to your kids and eight generations to follow. (Not that that can’t happen.) But it’s not about what you’re selling or producing, or who takes on the business when you’re gone (or retired). It’s about your business being a vehicle to your legacy. 

What if you could build a business that allowed you to live out your God-given passions and therefore, leave a beautiful legacy?

It doesn’t mean you’ll build a business so large that Donald trump is asking you for advice. It means that the people God has put in your path are reached and ministered to because your passion met with your business.

Maybe you’re a mom, and your passion is to be at home with your children. There is truly no greater legacy than to provide your children with a nurturing, godly home. Having a home-based business may be the very thing that allows you to stay home and live your legacy.

But it doesn’t have to stop there. Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom, empty nester, single, or working, if you are a christian, you have a God-given passion in your heart. A Legacy- business could be your way of putting that passion into action.

What weighs heavy on your heart when you lie in bed at night?

What social injustice drives you crazy or breaks your heart?

What beautiful gift do you have for the people God has put in your path?

What do you dream of when you dream of a better world?

What do you love to do, and who do you love to do it for or with?

What is your  * “One Big Thing? Do you need to apply that One Big Thing to a business?


Let me tell you about some of my friends who are building Legacy businesses:

Jennifer Whiddon doesn’t just make jewelry. She makes beautiful jewelry that captures, reflects, or tells your personal story.

Casey Sollock doesn’t just teach people how to live healthier lives, she teaches them to be healthy for the sake of fulfilling their purpose.

Beth Wyatt doesn’t just sell bags, she inspires and equips women to live to their fullest potential.

Kevin Williamson doesn’t just sing, he inspires and educates children with his fun and character-forming songs.


What would happen if your passion and business collided?  <–Tweet that) Could you leave a beautiful legacy?

It’s something to think about anyway.


  • On your next sheet of blank paper, write “Legacy Business?” as your title.
  • Answer each of the above questions.
  • Spend a few minutes journaling what the thoughts that come to your mind about this idea.
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