Exhausted, weary, worn, hopeless.

That is how the Cannanite woman approached Jesus. (Matthew 15:21 ff) He was her last hope.
Her daughter didn’t look at anyone in the eye anymore. The child barely spoke, and would have fits of uncontrollable rage. She and her family had tried everything they could possibly think of to rid the girl of the demon that possessed her.

Now, standing before Jesus a desperate mother begins begging Him to just help her poor daughter. Instead of Jesus immediately answering her pleas though, she was met with silence.

Silence. No response.

This woman was coming to the Lord of Lords in her most desperate moment and He didn’t even respond to her. Instead of turning away though she kept crying after Him. “Lord help me, help me, help me!”

Her cries were so bothersome to the disciples that they actually asked Jesus to send her away. Instead however, Jesus turned to the woman and essentially said no to her requests.

She cried to Jesus for help, at first He didn’t answer, then He said no. This would be enough to discourage most anyone, but what she did next was astounding.

The scripture says, she worshipped Jesus. He ignored her, He told her no, and yet she worshipped him.

We all have moments when we are exhausted, weary, worn, and hopeless.
We have a choice though; we can give up or we can worship.

God doesn’t always answer our prayers the way we want him to, or as quickly as we would like him to. But just because things aren’t well with our circumstances, that does not mean that things can’t be well with our souls.

Each of us will have seasons of trial and stresses in our lives. We all have seasons of grief and perhaps even depression. There will be sickness, there will be pain. But despite all of this there can most assuredly be peace and there can be joy through Christ. And no matter what the circumstances we can worship and we can praise.

Now it’s your turn, what Bible story or passage of scripture has offered you the most comfort in times of trials?

KM Logan is the author of Amazon’s best-selling The ABC’s of Freezer Cooking and writes devotions for women at KMLogan.com. You would bless her socks off if you stopped by to say hi.