By Beth Cranford

I have some beautiful pictures of my husband and kids playing outside on Thanksgiving day of years past. I’m glad he took those pictures because it’s the only way I got to share in the fun. Why? because I was inside cooking! Now, I’m all for having a big wonderful dinner, but I’m not so excited about missing out on a family fun day! So, this year, I’m not cooking all day! Instead, I’m going to cook a little each day this week so there is very little to do on Thanksgiving day.

I started out by asking each family members what their absolute favorites are and what they could live without. A big meal is one thing, cooking everything anybody likes is another! And then we settled on one dessert. I know, unheard of! but it will buy me a day with my kids. I listed everything we’re having and from there decided how far in advance I could prepare each item. I even included breakfast for Friday because if I don’t we’ll be tempted to go out and spend a fortune at a restaurant for food that costs very little to make at home. Thursday morning we’ll have cinnamon rolls that I’ll make today, and then we’ll just have some snacks so we won’t be too full to eat the grand meal.

I decided to go ahead and post my meal plan incase anyone can gain anything from it. I know it’s kind of late. Maybe you just need some recipes. Or you can get some ideas for Christmas.

Here’s the link if you want to take a look. Let me know what you think, and enjoy the day!

Click Here for Thanksgiving Menu Planner 2010