I Wish I Was a Mom Like That

I’m sitting at Chick-fil-A  trying to get some work done while my little one plays in the play place. Today is “Cow appreciation day” meaning, if you dress like a cow (or some resemblance of a cow) you get free food.

We didn’t dress up. Partly because I forgot that today was the day, partly because I’m kind of lazy when it comes to that kind of stuff.

So here we sit, watching all the cute kids come in with their sweet cow costumes. One little girl wanted to know if they were the first cows of the day. Sadly, they weren’t, but it was a nice thought.

And then I look up and see a mom coming in with her four children. All of them dressed up– not just wearing cow ears or a t-shirt– these kids are really dressed up. And guess what, so is the mom! Complete with a black nose!

I wish I was a mom like that.

But then I remember that God created me to be who I am. So I didn’t make cow costumes for my kids. That would have been great fun for them but I don’t think I’ve damaged them for life.

Instead of wallowing in self-degradation by way of comparing myself to others, I need do to two things. First, I need to look at the strengths that God designed me with and focus on developing those. Second, I need to be thankful that there are “moms like that” and equally that there are “moms like me.”

Do you pale in comparison when you look at other moms? Stop it! You are fearfully and wonderfully made. Live your strengths, thank God for them. Be thankful for the strengths of those around you but stop trying to be someone else. It would be a boring and ineffective world if we all had the same strengths.

p.s. I guess we’re headed home so Lydia can make Josiah a costume and we’ll come back later tonight. See? God made up for my weakness by sending me a creative daughter. Thanks Lydia!


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