I have to admit that I was not really ready for a new year. Most years I’m excited about making some new goals and starting some new projects. I love that week between Christmas and New Year’s day. It’s perfect for “wrapping up” the old–complete with putting away all the Christmas decorations and finding a place for all the new stuff– and jumping into the new with a refreshed and hopeful spirit.

This year was different for me because I’ve been fighting different health issues since about mid October. That’s why you haven’t seen much from me lately. I’m still not quite myself but I’m on the mend and getting excited about some things I have planned for the year. I’ve finally found the enthusiasm to get moving on my goals list for the new year. Whew! If I could give you any advise today, I’d say Don’t wait until the new year to plan your year! But, that’s what I’ve got to work with so here we go!

I’m putting the final touches on my list of plans/goals/intentions for this year. Of course it will change as I go, there are always opportunities to grow that I don’t foresee at the beginning of the year. Writing out my foreseeable goals gives me a place to start and gets me in full motion. Once I’m moving, it’s easier for God to “steer me” where He wants me to go.

It’s taking me longer this year because instead of making a goal to “read more” I’m actually taking this time to choose the books I want to read and/or listen to, as well as videos (non fiction) I want to see throughout the coming year. This will take me a few more days but I think it will be worth it. Non-specific goals are of no value, and “read more” is a non-specific goal. I’m sure it will change some as I find books I wasn’t aware of or maybe have difficulty finding a book on my list, and that’s OK. The goal of reading is still being met. The specific list is an action tool I can use to put the goal into motion.

Have you written out your goals for the year? What things would you like to do differently, or better? What new thing do you want to learn? What new habit do you want to incorporate or bad habit do you want to ditch? What projects do you want to complete? What’s bugging you, and what can you do about it? What will help you grow?

Write it all down. Hold yourself accountable to it. If you dare, ask someone else to hold you accountable to it.  You’ll be amazed at the things you can do just because you wrote it down!

I’ll post my goals next week, as soon as they’re done. They may not look much like yours but it might give you some ideas. It’s a big step for me, publishing my goals for all to see. I’m looking forward to seeing the results as I put myself in a position of accountability. I’ll be honored for you to come along with me, reading my goal checks each month, and sharing your progress with me. I’ve also got some exciting things planned for the web site, including a whole new look and some great new features.  I hope you’ll keep coming back and tell all your friends.  Let’s encourage each other toward the best year yet.


Beth Cranford,

setting goals for a great new year



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