This article is my answer to question # 7 in You Can Homeschool, We Can Help (Get it free here)

Here’s the question:

What defines success in your homeschool? Your kids are successful when / if, and you are successful when / if.

Here’s my answer:

In the context of a single day, we have been successful when:

  • We have embraced the day with joyful hearts and attitudes that are pleasing to God.
  • We have each spent time in God’s word.
  • We have spent relaxed, enjoyable time together.
  • I have managed to give my child the help she needs with her education while still meeting the needs of my husband, my younger child, and my  household.
  • My child has;
    • Found fulfillment in something she has learned or done that day
    • Applied her attention and ability to her lessons for the day, or, done some kind of enriching activity outside of–or instead of– lessons
    • Contributed to the family in some way, through chores, playing with her brother, etc.


Sometimes we get sidetracked, and we don’t do any of these things. We may spend the day being an answer to someone’s prayer, dealing with a household crisis, or just doing something really fun. In these cases, we still call it success.


When my children are grown and I’m “done” home schooling, I will consider it a success that:

  • They are each equipped to be the person God created them to be.
  • We have shared with them a true and living faith and have helped them to develop a true and living faith of their own.
  • My husband and I  have ministered to their hearts, and we have deep, strong relationships with each of them.
  • My children have strong healthy relationships with one another.
  • I have not elevated school to a higher priority than my own spiritual health, or my marriage.

If that question was hard for you, please take some time to think and pray about it. If you don’t know what success “looks like” or means to your family, how will you know how to get there, or when you’ve arrived? Ask God to show you what success for your family means to Him. Don’t just settle for Status Quo here. Look beyond the scope and sequence and aim at something bigger, more meaningful, and more glorifying to God.

Thanks for reading, I pray the God will help you define success and then lay a clear path for you to get there.