Homeschooling is really just part of parenting.  If God has placed it on your heart to homeschool your children, He will give you everything you need to do it well.  There really is only one thing you have to do in order to be successful at home schooling. It’s not the curriculum, it’s not the schedule, it’s not even your philosophy of education. It is simply this. Seek first the Kingdom of God.

I know, you’ve heard it so many times. But maybe you want something more tangible, something more practical. You may be saying, like I once did, “Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know, I need to be seeking God. I’ve got that all under control. I have a quiet time every day. Now will you please tell me what to do (or buy!) to make this homeschooling thing work?”

When I had that question, I came across some good news and some bad news, which I’ll now share with you. The bad news is that there is nothing you can buy, and no program you can follow, that will make your homeschool successful. The good news is that there is nothing you can buy, and no program you can follow, that will make your homeschool successful. Why is that good news, you might ask. Well, it’s very good news, because instead of relying on a program or a purchased miracle-in-a-box, you have only to rely on the Lord God, creator of you and each of your children.

True, God has placed some very talented people in the homeschooling community who have a sincere desire to help you succeed. He has given them the gifts, talents, and skills to create some of the products and teachings that will indeed be very helpful. Being in relationship with him will help you find the materials that will most bless your family.  But this is only part of what God has for you. Even more important than anything you can buy is the leading and council you will receive when you are seeking God on a continual basis.


He will guide you in your day to day choices

He will strengthen you, and work in your weaknesses

He will speak truth to you, and expose the lies that your enemy is feeding you, like:

    • You’re not good enough
    • You are good enough – maybe better than your friends!
    • Your kids would be better off in school.
    • Your kids aren’t nearly as smart/talented/well mannered as everyone else’s.

He will show you exactly what each child needs.

He will give you the grace, strength, and resources to give your children what they need.

He will help you keep your priorities in focus and not get overwhelmed.


The list goes on because he is truly an awesome God! To be in close relationship with Him is to live an abundant life. I couldn’t possibly put on paper the blessings that will come from nurturing that relationship, nor can I overstate the truth that if you seek first His kingdom “all of these thing” will be added to you.