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Helpful Tips for a Busy  Mom


I’m a homeschooling mom. Some people might think that means I have all day to clean my house and make cookies. You and I know that means I’m busy. I have a lot to do and I want to do a good job. Sometimes I look up from my list of things to do and ask;  “How can I get it all done?” I know I can’t be perfect, but I’d like to feel a little more peaceful at the end of the day and a little less like the days are spinning out of control.

In my quest to get a grip on my time I have found some valuable ideas that are helping me to be more productive while not being more busy. If any of this sounds familiar to you, maybe some of these will be helpful to you as you go about all the things you have to do. Just do those that make sense to you and look like they will make a positive difference in your day. Focus on one change at a time, until it’s habit, then move on to another one.


Create and Use Routines: 

Instead of either trying to stick to a detailed, hour-by-hour schedule, or using no plan at all,   set up your day in blocks of time, assigning each block a general purpose. As you go through your day, stick to the purpose of the time block you are in. Don’t jump ahead. If you have planned a section of time for each of your most important activities, then each one will get done, or at least it will get a respectable amount of  your attention. It is when you get distracted and let one time block bleed into another  that your routine crumbles and you feel overworked and overwhelmed.


Use Systems for repetitive Tasks:

A system is simply finding the most effective way to do something and then doing it that way every time. As you go about your normal routines of the day, pay attention to the things you do often. Ask yourself it there is an order of things that would help you to get it done more quickly. For example, if you always put your keys in the same place when you come home, and clean out and restock your diaper bag, that is a system that will save you time the next time you’re leaving the house.  When you work with a system, you work faster and more efficiently.


More tips next week! Once I introduce several tips I’ll go back and develop some of them more fully.

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