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Developing the Habit of Reading More (Healthier Your Challenge)

It’s July already!
I can’t begin to imagine how that happened.
Wasn’t I just introducing this year-long challenge last week?
Oh my, where is the time going?

If you’re like me, you’ve been busy and time is flying.
How are you coming on your yearly goals? How about your health goals?
The good news is, no matter how you’ve been doing, you’ve got six more months to make it a great year.

This month’s Healthier You challenge is to read more.

Hmmm, you may be wondering how that has anything to do with your health. I wondered that at first too. Then I remembered that health isn’t just your physical body.

Reading More in 2014

Reading is good for you in so many ways, depending on what you read, of course. Let me just clarify right here that I personally almost never read fiction and when I do it’s high quality fiction with a strong life-changing message.

  • Reading allows you to learn from mentors you may never have had the privilege of learning from otherwise.
  • Reading allows you to share the company of like-minded people who you may never get to visit with personally.
  • Reading even allows you to cross the barrier of time; interacting with great minds from long ago.
  • Reading reduces stress by allowing you to “unplug” from daily stresses.
  • Reading educates and equips you for your calling.
  • Reading opens your mind to new ideas.
  • Reading grows your mind and experiences. It makes you an interesting and educated person.
  • Reading  is good for your brain! Did you know that? Your brain is a muscle and reading is an exercise that literally trains your brain. (Not a reader? Start reading, develop the muscle, and you’ll soon realize that you’re a reader!)
  • And, since we’re talking about health, reading is a good way to learn about health! Right now I’m reading two books about my health. I love that through a trustworthy book, I have in my hands the power to improve my own health.

You get the point. Reading is good for you. It’s another one of those good-health habits that we tend to push aside, in the name of being too busy. And then we wonder why we’re still stressed, not reaching our goals, not seeing improvement in our daily lives.
So let’s read more this month, and every month to come.
Next week I’ll talk more about my reading goals, what I’ll be reading, and how many books I have going at any given time. (That’s always a fun conversation among book worms!)  For now, let me know in the comments if you’ll be joining me in reading more in 2014.


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