I know I need want to pray for my husband but sometimes I’m just lost for words. I’m just not sure how to pray. What are his needs? What should I pray for? How can I intercede for him?

I love this book because it meets my needs when it comes to praying for my husband. 

Praying for your husband isn’t only what you do when you like him; when in your humanness you actually feel like blessing him. It’s also what you do when you don’t like him! When he’s driving you crazy. When there is a deep, aching distance between the two of you.

I love this. I may feel powerless to have any (affect) on his life, to make any difference in areas of concern, or to help him continue on the right path that he’s on. But that’s just not the case. By interceding for him, I am getting in touch with the One who can, and wants to, bring all of these things to fruition in his life.

And when I pray for my husband, I believe God also does a miraculous work in me.

It’s God’s math…compound interest…two for the price of one!

This book is a simple, straight-forward take-me -by-the-hand guide that will make a huge difference in your husband’s life (and yours) if you will take the time to follow its advice.

Similar to “Intentional Marriage” (review coming soon),  this is one thing at a time. Just one prayer a day. One concept. One focus. One thing to do.


  • You’ll be praying for strength, for the daily battles he faces (even the ones you know nothing about).
  • Not so sure of some of his choices? No need to try to change him, you’ll be praying for him to allow  God to help him make wise choices, and that his choices will bring glory to  God.
  • He has so many relationships. You’ll pray for those relationships; that they will be a blessing to him, others, and be God-honoring.
  • You’ll be petitioning God on his behalf for help with his priorities, his attitude, and his emotions. It doesn’t mean he’s failing in these areas. We all need help, regardless of how we’re currently doing.
  • Purity, courage, and joy are all blessings you want for him. You’ll be asking God for those things.

The list goes on. Our husbands need a lot from God, and it’s a privilege to be the one that gets to go to God on his behalf and secure these blessings for him. I’m getting excited now just realizing the immense honor it is, to know that I can pray all of these things into my husband’s life.