How can I get it all done?

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This may be the most common question asked among Christian homeschooling moms. After all, we do wear a lot of hats. And we do want to do a good job. As women who are striving for godliness, there is admittedly a lot to do. We have our spiritual walk to nurture, our husbands to take care of, our children to raise and educate, there is the house to clean and bills to pay, and all those programs at church and in the homeschool community that need volunteers. With so much to do, its easy to see how we arrive at the point of falling to our knees and crying out;

“How can I get it all done?”

I want to share with you some thoughts on this. Not because I have it all figured out, but because I know Who does. Join me in this book in exploring how we can identify the areas where we are weak in managing our lives and homes and what we can do to rise, one step at a time, to a higher place of fulfillment, contentment and peace in your home.
And since “time is money,” this book is my gift to you.

Thank you.
Beth Cranford