Who is Earning the Money to fund God’s Work?


Have you noticed that there are some people in this world who seem to attract money like others attract the common cold? And did you ever consider that this might be a gift of the holy spirit?

Susan Scott identifies giving as a spiritual gift. She talks about the fact that people who have the gift of giving also tend to have a gift of making money. These are the people who create and implement powerful fund raisers, and high-earning businesses. At first that may seem contradictory. Why would God give someone the gift of giving but then also give them a drive for earning money. Aren’t big money earners usually too concerned with making more money to be concerned with giving? And aren’t givers usually broke?

Not necessarily in either case. Of course you’ll find some of each, greedy high-wage earners, and givers who have very little but give anyway. It seems to me that the reason for the combining of the gift of giving with the gift of earning, is so the givers will have something to give. Teachers have a tendency to want to learn. Learning is how they equip themselves so they actually have something to teach. When God gives us a spiritual gift, he equips us to use it.  

There is a lot of money circulating in the world today. Oh it may not feel like it. You keep hearing about “these tough economic times”.  And I’m not denying that people are struggling. But the truth is, many people are spending, on a scale that makes me scratch my head in amazement.

Recently I was talking with a friend over dinner. She was telling me about a haircut she had gotten recently. A friend of hers was building a clientele in a new salon and gave my friend a coupon for a $10.00 hair cut. My friend said it was a really nice place and she felt very pampered. When she got to the register, the cashier forgot to enter her coupon. She told my friend her total was $250.00. Yes you read that right. Two hundred fifty dollars! For a haircut. Whew! it’s good she had that coupon! But the point is, there were plenty of other women in that salon that day with no coupon.

People will always spend money, and there is always money available, no matter the current economy. God is making sure He puts people in positions of high earning so they can channel that money into His Kingdom.

God is doing mighty things through his children, and many of those mighty things take money. He matches the gifts of serving, teaching, compassion, and all the others  with the earner/giver and creates a powerful work force in His kingdom. Consider some of the works God is doing in your community today:

*A family wants to adopt a child but doesn’t have  $35,000.00 sitting in their “discretionary spending” envelope. —

A woman has a heart for adoption and wants to see as many children find a forever home as possible. She uses the money she earns from her drawing talent to help fund adoptions.


*Someone is willing to go into the streets and rescue victims of human trafficking.–

Someone else has the financial means to make that happen.


*Someone  has a heart to feed hungry people.–

Someone else has the financial means to make that happen.


*Someone has a passion for educating underprivileged women and children.–

Someone else has the financial means to make that happen.


*Someone’s heart is breaking over the need for more medical research.–

Someone else has the financial means to make that happen.


In his infinite wisdom and matchless grace, God brings them together to accomplish His purposes. And He doesn’t stop there. Look around you and you’ll see God connecting His people in ways you’ve never noticed, to get His work done.

Have you been called to stand in today’s  market place and see that the money being spent there gets brought into God’s kingdom for God’s purposes?  

Maybe you have a dream of building your own business, or organizing a fund raiser for a cause that is dear to your heart. If so,it’s quite possible that you have that dream because God put it there. And if He did, He also gave you the gift to make it happen.



*If you think this might be you, or if you’d just like to read more about this idea, I recommend the book The Gatekeepers, by Nathanael Wolf. You can read my review here. book-review-the-gatekeepers

**If a home-based business is something you dream about, come back here every day this month and join us in the quest of finding the ideal business for you. Perhaps God is grooming you to be a Kingdom entrepreneur; someone who stands in the market place, making sure that the money there is directed to God’s work.

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