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Did I just announce at the beginning of this month that I’ve joined an extra get-healthy challenge?
And that this challenge is to cut my sugar intake?

Oy. That’s just like me. To miss the picture that is made when one connects the dots.
The dots in this case would be; February… Valentine’s  Day… Food writer…
Not a great idea.  Too much temptation all around me.

But, on second thought, isn’t there always temptation all around us? If I can’t cut sugar in February then I might as well forget Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. And then there’s my birthday, and those of my family members, and the children whose parties we attend, or even those we don’t attend but we somehow wind up with leftover cake.

So we shall push forward. Today is Valentine’s Day and so far, I haven’t done so bad. Last Saturday I ate a peanut butter egg that Joe brought home. I  forgot about the challenge because it was new. I’ve also eaten a few of these awesome cookies.

But hey, I can’t blog about a recipe if I don’t try it. It’s a matter of integrity!

I’ll brace myself for the chocolate that’s likely to come through the door with my husband tonight. (Joe? Are you listening?)

As for the rest of the February challenge; to add more fruits and veggies.

I’m not super excited about my progress, to be quite honest. Though I did eat all of my broccoli the other day. That’s something to be proud of.

I’m doing Ok with the fruit but still need to increase the veggies.

I need to remember to eat salad for lunch more often, and to add more smoothies with veggies to my list. I wanted to add more smoothies last week but I think with the cold weather I’ve just not wanted smoothies. But, it must be done. I need those veggies! So, that will be my focus this coming week.


How are you doing? What accomplishments are you celebrating this week? What strategies or ideas will you use to increase your fruits and veggies over the rest of the month?


p.s. That was kinda mean, putting a picture of a delicious cookie on a post about dropping sugar. I’m sorry.


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