41989: Books Children Love: A Guide to the Best Children"s Literature Books Children Love: A Guide to the Best Children’s Literature

By Elizabeth Wilson / Crossway Books & BiblesTreasured as one of the best guides to the best children’s literature, Books Children Love contains all the classic favorite stories, along with some unfamiliar ones. Organized into topical categories of animals, art, morals, biography, celebrations day, dance, humor, literature and others, titles are arranged by the author’s last name. Each book has a personal description of the content, providing a warm synopsis. 320 pages, indexed, softcover.


42463: Honey for a Child"s Heart Fourth Edition Honey for a Child’s Heart Fourth Edition

By Gladys Hunt / ZondervanWholesome literature is important for building good character—and this newly updated guide will help you choose the best of the classics for preschoolers through teens. Drawing from a range of genres, including fantasy, biography, and poetry, Hunt offers a select list of books that will start your youngsters on the road to a lifetime of reading pleasure. 240 pages, softcover from Zondervan. Annotated list of books for ages 0-14.


667100: H.A. Guerber: All Through the Ages H.A. Guerber: All Through the Ages

By Christine Miller / Nothing New PressA self-described “glorified list of books”, All through the Ages features books from well known Christian publishers Answers in Genesis, Beautiful Feet Books, Bluestocking Press and others, as well as award winning literature. Arranged primarily by chronological and geographical categories, three smaller categories of “History of Science & Mathematics”, “History of the Arts”, and “Great Books of Western Civilization and the Christian Tradition” are also included. Under each historical event or era, resources are listed by reading levels, and then by sub-category; the title, author, sentence summary and publisher code are provided for each. Timelines and information on the events or times included provide an interesting summary of some of the most interesting aspects of history! A detailed introduction includes the authors’ explanations for using biblical dates, teaching history chronologically, and the use of living books. Each book is indexed by title, author, section and reading level. 360 pages, softcover.


38460: Honey for a Woman"s Heart: Growing Your World through Reading Great Books Honey for a Woman’s Heart: Growing Your World through Reading Great Books

By Gladys Hunt / ZondervanDo you want to broaden your world? Feel more, know more people, go more places? Honey for a Woman’s Heart is written for busy women who want a wider worldview and stimulus for intellectual and emotional growth. Gladys Hunt guides you through the maze of books, helps you select good books to read and discover the joy that comes from stimulating your mind. Includes the “best of” books in genres of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, spirituality, as well as clues to how to enjoy the best of all books, the Bible.


42606: Honey for a Teenager"s Heart Honey for a Teenager’s Heart

By Gladys Hunt / Zondervan Books are a great way to communicate with teenagers and help them build a truly Christian worldview. Glayds Hunt’s practical and enticing advice on how to read, what to read, and what to look for in a book is augmented with Barbara Hampton’s annotation of over 400 titles, with a complete index to authors and titles.

http://amylynnandrews.com/living-books-list/   This is a website where you can find lots of living books.