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“ What is the ability of the GateKeeper? It is the ability to help all of the other ministries in the Lord’s Church; to stand in their stead in the marketplaces of the world and bring back the resources the Church needs so that there is more than enough to get the job done.”



The GateKeepers is a very small book with a big message. The basic premise of the book comes from the passage regarding spiritual gifts found in 1 Corinthians 12:28, and  focuses on the gift of “helps”. Author Nathanael Wolf asserts that “helps” in this context does not mean someone who helps others with their random needs. Rather, it means someone who is anointed by God to “take hold of material resources and bring them back to the Kingdom of God.” In other words, generate the money that is needed by the church to do the work God.

Once the idea of the GateKeeper is explained, Wolf goes on to identify characteristics of a GateKeeper, so the reader might recognize these traits in himself (or someone else) and be inspired to lean into their calling and learn to use their gift most fully. In the introduction he says “God is raising these people up to become portals of provision in the most important time of all history.”

The last half of this powerful little book takes you into the lives of “seven dynamic examples of GateKeepers in the Bible…”  to reveal their secrets to success. While lessons learned (or secrets revealed) are directed at people with the gift or earning and giving, there really is a lot of wisdom for  those who have been given other gifts entirely.

 My thoughts:

I enjoyed this book and appreciate the person who gave it to me. There were a few conclusions drawn in the beginning of the book (author’s conclusion regarding the meaning of particular scriptures) that I thought might be a bit of a stretch. What I found though, is that the remainder of the book can be accepted with or without accepting all of the conclusions drawn in the first chapter. I still found the book to be very useful, enlightening, and well written.

If you’re a GateKeeper and you know it, this book will equip you to be a better one. If you’re a GateKeeper and you don’t know it, this book will help you see your gift. If you’re not a GateKeeper, this book will help you understand and appreciate those who are.

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