Book Review: Tell Your Time
Amy Lynn Andrews, author


Tell Your Time

From the book

“ What if you could change your life in less than thirty pages?”


“Many time management techniques do a good job of helping you organize your activities. Few challenge you to think about whether you should be doing those activities in the first place.”



I was drawn to this book for a few reasons.  First of all, It’s short, and like the author says, shouldn’t a book on time management be short?  Beyond that, I read that it presented a simple strategies for deciding what to do and when to do it. Sounds good to me.


OK, third reason, you suspected it all along,  I’m a time management junkie. I believe in using my time to the best of my ability and to God’s glory. If there’s something new I can learn, I want to hear it.


My thoughts

Amy Lynn Andrews lives up to her promise to help you change your life in less than thirty pages. The system she presents is very similar to what I teach in my series here.But she doesn’t just present the ideas and the theory, she walks you through, step by step. When you’re done, if you do the simple steps she outlines, you’ll come away with a very clear vision of how you are to be spending your time and a very doable strategy to do it.


It’s a quick read and the “work” she has you do isn’t hard. If you’re trying to get a grip on  your time instead of the clock having a choking grip on you, this book can help.


Right now it’s only $2.00! She’s updating it soon so it’s on sale. Really, when else do you get a chance to change your life for two bucks?


Here’s my affiliate link. (If you buy the book by clicking here I’ll get a percentage of your $2.00.)

Have a great week!