Review: Blog-at-Home-Mom


I was excited when I saw that Christin was writing this book. She has a heart for her husband and children and she’s a successful blogger. I knew this book would have information that I, as a wife, mom, and blogger, needed.

This book is simple and powerful at the same time. Looking at her own life and drawing from the experiences of fellow bloggers, Christin has pulled together the most important things for a blogging mom to focus on, and offered her wisdom and helpful hints.  It’s not just a time management book, not so much a parenting book, and it’s not really a book on how to build a great blog. It’s wisdom from a mom who blogs, and knows that one can and should support the other.


How can they support each other? Aren’t they competing interests? Shouldn’t your children be your only priority? Well, you’ll have to read the book to see how Christin beautifully deals with this question. If you’re feeling conflicted about your desire to write and your commitment to be a great mom, you need to read this book.


I do have to warn you that she does use the “S” word.


Yes.              Schedule.              It’s the truth.


But it’s not so bad. She gives you the freedom to make a schedule that has flexibility and works for you.


Christin refreshed my commitment to using a schedule. I love making schedules. It’s the administrator in me. But I hate following them, it’s the thinker/creator in me.


But Christin reminded me that a schedule is for my peace of mind. When I use a schedule I don’t go to bed feeling useless because I wandered aimlessly through my day not accomplishing much of anything. When I make a schedule I’m deciding ahead of time what is important to me and when is the best time to do it. When I follow it, I’m honoring those priorities.


A big “take away” for me was her advice  that the most important thing to do for your blog is write. This is huge for me. I spend so much time planning, scheduling, and learning that the thing I put on the back burner is writing! Doing those other things comes a little easier to me. I’m a writer and I love to write, but it takes heart to write. It takes getting your mind into a separate space. I can’t do that as easily as I can sit down and sketch out a spreadsheet with all of my project ideas. Thank you Christin, for reminding me that writers need to write!


I love that she dealt with understanding how your husband feels about your blogging. Make sure you are in tune with his feeling, even if he’s not expressing them in words. Don’t let yourself slip into a habit of ignoring him. You’ve heard that “The squeaky wheel gets the grease”, but don’t make your husband be a squeaky wheel. Meet his needs before it gets to that. (Remember, meeting his needs is not meant to be a drudgery, its good for both of you. What is more rewarding in this life than a mutually supportive marriage?)

My favorite quote?

“You cannot blog with integrity if you don’t have your priorities in order. Your blogging is your testimony. Without Christ at the center, it lacks power and will therefore lack reach and transformation.”


I’m surprised by how much this book spoke to my heart. I’m a very proactive and task oriented person.  If this book had been promoted as a book for my heart, I may not have read it. Not that I don’t like books that speak to my heart, but sometimes I feel like I’ve read them all. The title spoke to the “doer” in me. The book spoke to the woman in me.  I am walking away from this book feeling refreshed, renewed, convicted, and empowered. I feel more emotionally connected to my gift as a writer, and to what God may want to do with that gift.

To find out more about the book and to purchase, click here.