Here we are at day 31 in our quest to find the ideal business. Hopefully you’ve gotten to know yourself a little bit better and are more able to focus in on the things that make you you, and how that applies to finding your perfect business. Maybe one of the business models we’ve explored sounds interesting to you.

But what if you’re still a little confused? What if you have too many ideas, or you just can’t see a straight path ahead?


Believe me when I say, I was right there not long ago. Truth be told, I still have a tendency to go there. I don’t know if it’s the entrepreneur in me, trying to sort through so many ideas, or the little girl in me, not sure if I’m really good enough at anything to pursue a “real” business. (Incidentally, that’s why you need to get some supportive people in your life and work with a coach, but that’s a topic for another day.)


When I was stuck in  analysis paralysis, one phrase helped me get unstuck. It was “bloom where you’re planted.” I’ve had that sentiment in front of me for years, carved into a small wind chime my mom gave me. We’ve done a lot of moving, so it was nice to be reminded that I can be my best wherever I happen to be living.


But now it held a different meaning. I realized that it was time to stop trying to work everything out perfectly and start doing what I know how to do. I had unfinished projects and undeveloped ideas. I needed to just bloom where I was planted, making the most of the experience and resources I already had.


When you were a child, did you ever sit in the driver’s seat of your parent’s car and pretend you were driving? Did you ever notice how difficult it was to turn the steering wheel? It’s because the vehicle wasn’t moving. I think it’s the same way with God. He can steer us better when we’re moving. God took my willingness to do the next thing and used it to help me meet some amazing people, learn new things, and find deeper clarity.


What are your resources, experiences, talents, and passions? What is in front of you that you could be doing now? Maybe what you put your hand to today isn’t your “One Big Thing.” But I guarentee that spinning in a whirlwind of indecision is not your one big thing either. I can also guess with confidence that if you take a step, God will come along side your forward motion and steer you to your passion, your gift, your ideal business.


Where are you planted right now? Are you ready to bloom where you’re planted?


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