I’m Beth Cranford, very blessed wife of one (Joe) and mother of two (Lydia and Josiah). I was raised in Maine by loving parents along side two brothers and two sisters. My biggest claim to fame and my highest source of joy and peace is that I am a daughter of the king! A princess, purchased with the blood of Christ. It is my hope that as I go through my days as a wife and a home schooling mom, my  life will bring honor to my husband and my parents, and glory to God.

I really am a stay-at-home mom. Between lessons with my daughter in the morning and an afternoon nap for my son, I don’t go far. But I’m learning to like it that way. I love the time I have with my kids and I’m getting a lot more done than I used to when we were “out and about” more often. I love reading and learning about godly womanhood, homeschooling, and home business. This season at home is giving me time to not only do that, but to share some of what I’m learning here on this site. I hope it is a blessing to you.

Along with learning new things, I enjoy…

watching special shows with my daughter (Waltons, Road to Avonlea, Little House)

visiting with friends

dreaming with my husband

cuddling with my kids

watching my daughter dance

hearing my son laugh

sipping sweet tea

warm weather (but not hot)



the sites, smells, and music of early America


helping people

organizing and planning things

worshipping with the body of Christ

I’ve never been technically inclined, and I just recently fell into writing, kind of by accident. This website is a bit of a surprise even to me. (And it wouldn’t be possible without my wonderfully talented husband.) But in a way it’s the realization of a dream that has been forming in me for many years. I hope you will find encouragement and helpful advice here, not only from me but from the wonderful people whose articles and other products you’ll find here.