Here’s a neat idea I thought I’d share, just in time for Valentines Day. It’s a simple gift you can give your hubby or even your kids to let them know how special they are. Let the kids make one for Dad. (Maybe they’ll make one for you too!)

The concept is simple. You just make a list of fourteen things you love about the recipient. You can go as simple as writing it on notebook paper or go as lavish as making a scrapbook page or even a video! Just make sure you have it ready by the 14th and present it in some fun way, like maybe at breakfast or on their pillow the night before. A few Hershey kisses wouldn’t be a bad idea.

I’ve included some decorated pages if you’d like to use them. I made a couple that would be fine to use for your kids just incase you like to include them on Valentines Day.  (I tried to keep the decorating to a minimum because most of these gifts will be made for men and they aren’t quite as taken with cute or pretty things as we women.)  Of course you can make your own if you like.You could make these pages a little more special simply by mounting to a coordinating color card stock.  If your sweetheart is away or is away often, you could make it into a small card that would fit into his wallet. He can look at it to remember that he is loved.

I’ve also listed some ideas just to get your brain going. Sit and think about the person you’re writing this for and make it very personal. What are the things that you love about him/ her?

Some ideas (you would write the words “I Love” before each line, not just the first like I did here)

For hubby:

I love:

that you are willing to work hard for our family

how your eyes sparkle when you laugh

that you pump my gas

your love for God

how your play with the kids

how you treat your mother

how you treat my mother

your sense of humor

how dependable you are

how diplomatic your are

your smile

your dumb jokes

your generous heart

your strong will

your gentle hands

your silly side

your romantic side

your commitment to living debt free

your commitment to the kids having an at-home mom

how you whistle / sing when your work

that you never talk disrespectful to or about me

For the kids:

I love:

the way you play with your little brother

your generous heart

your sense of humor

your love for God

your commitment to truth

how you sing

how you dance

your helpful spirit

your compassion for others

your leadership

the way you honor your grandparents

your silly laugh

your sweet innocent faith

your attitude when you’re playing sports

Have fun with it and thank God for the people He gave you to love.

Click here for the pre-made pages


Happy Valentines Day!