Hey there! I’m so glad you found your way to my little corner of the internet!

If you’re familiar with The Nester, you know it’s time for her annual blogging challenge. Each year, participating bloggers choose a topic and write about it every day through October, and we link up with all the other crazy bloggers who joined in the fun!

This year I’m focused on home business, so I’ll be writing my 31 day series on finding the home business that’s right for you.

Here’s a (tentative) list of the topics we’ll explore. I’ll link each title to it’s corresponding article on the day it’s published.

**Editor’s Note: The challenge is over but you can still access all of my posts from the list below. (As you can see, I didn’t quite hit the 31 mark. But there’s still so me good stuff here. Let me know which was your favorite.

  1. Introduction (this post)
  2. Is Earning Money Your Spiritual Gift?
  3. Knowing your “why”
  4. Not Just any Business, a Legacy Business
  5. Why do people quit/not start a home business?
  6. Sunday, no post today.
  7. Do you have what it takes to build a home business?
  8. Do you have what it takes part two
  9. Can a WAHM also homeschool?
  10. Can a homeschooling mom also work from home?
  11. Your Personal Design Profile
  12. How Your Personality Impacts Your Business
  13. Sunday, no post today
  14. Knowing Your Spiritual Gifts Can Help
  15. Your skills, talents, and experiences
  16. Let’s look at your resources
  17. No post today
  18. Choosing Between Love, Skill, And Money
  19. Sunday, no post
  20. Let’s Look At Direct Sales
  21. Maybe Coaching Is For You
  22. Public Speaking as A Business
  23. Public Speaking Course
  24. Becoming a Virtual Assistant
  25. Sunday, no post
  26. Selling physical products online
  27. Bloom Where You’re Planted

Thanks so much for stopping by. I truly hope this series blesses you and your family.

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